Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anna Sui 323 tiny squares, lots of glow

Isn't this cute? of course from a normal distance it seems like plain ol' glitter, but then you zoom in and you realize they are actually little squares.  I know I was procrastinating about changing my background, I couldn't decide what I wanted.  To be honest I wasn't am not yet tired of the Red & Green, I really wish the holidays were longer, oh well.  December is gone and I have chosen a new wintery skin for the blog, hope you like it as much as I do.

Layering Order:
1 (thick) coat Pop Beauty Ultraviolet
1 coat Anna Sui 323
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures


  1. Too pretty! I love this. :)

  2. it's gorgeous! Where did you find Anna Sui's polishes?

  3. @ Liz: Thanks!

    @ Nailderella: it was a gift from a friend, but I think she got it at the Urban Outfitters website.

  4. Wowww....
    it's amazing!!!
    vocĂȘ me surpreende todos os dias!!!
    E eu amo isso!! =D

  5. @ beauxs mom: thanks!

    @ Rafaa C.: \o/

    @ Pretty and Polished Lady: but they're tiny!!

  6. Oh I love this, its beautiful!

  7. Oh wow - I am so in love with square glitter right now and then you pair it with glowey iridescent amazingness and it makes it one I yesterday need lol