Friday, December 9, 2011

Wet n Wild Believe Me, It's Real! blue glitter perfection

This blue is really the perfect blue, not too royal, not baby blue, not too loud or dark, just perfect.  I only bought four from this collection and I have no regrets, but if I had them all they wouldn't bother me either, the bottle is cute and the glitters are pretty to look at.  Wet n Wild did really good this year.  By the way, this just reminded me of something funny that happened last month.  I was in negotiations for an international nail polish exchange with a lovely lady (will post pics of the loot soon!) and we use a translating app to communicate of course.  So I e-mailed her saying "OMG I just bought you Wet n Wild believe me, it's real! it's a blue glitter!" but I forgot to capitalize the name, and she replied "thanks, I believe you".  Talk about getting lost in translation :) I then e-mailed her again explaining what had happened and we both laughed about the whole thing.

Layering Order:
Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat
2 coats Wet n Wild Believe Me, It's Real!
Glitter Tamer
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri


  1. Ugh, i wish we had more brands in Australia. Cause this looks AMAZING!

  2. wish we had this in the Nederlands, love it !

  3. I love blue glitters, and this is amazing!

  4. Its sooo pretty I was not able to find these :(

  5. I agree with All Things Shiny entirely!

  6. Ooooo, aahhh! Lol

    I have all the polishes in this collection with the exception of the red one. They are all gorgeous but I can't seem to get them to look as smooth as you have here. Lovely swatches, thank you!

  7. soooooooo prettyyyyyyyyy. love this one, i think it's my favorite from the collection:]

  8. I love it! I bought six of these but there were two I didt realize existed! I found this one. Can't wait to try it. I'm also trying to find Back Alley Deals (or something to that effect).

  9. OMG!!! lol lol lol
    When I look at this polish, remember the email!
    it was funny! lol
    Perfect on you .... amazing!!

  10. Wasn't your last post a perfect green green? And today it's the perfect blue blue? Am I sensing a pattern here? And why should I do a chunky glitter when you corner the market with it!!hahahahahahaha

  11. @ Sirena Sparklestar: thanks! Love your nickname by the way.

    @ All Things Shiny: there's a Nails Inc nail polish exactly like this one called connaught square, perhaps they sell it in your country?

    @ Shannara: hey you guys have Essence and Teeez!

    @ Kitties26: me too! This one is so sparkly you need it!

    @ Polish AMOR: aww :( my friend had the same experience, she lives in the east coast.

    @Nicole: Like I said, there's a Nails Inc nail polish exactly like this one called connaught square, perhaps they sell it in your country?

    @ blkrox: I use Glitter Tamer here, but check this out
    @ Purpleanel: thanks!

    @ SeeSarahSwatch: my fave is Back Alley Deals.

    @ Kaki: I think there's a Nails Inc dupe out there.
    @ Rafaa C.: thanks, me too! I hope to see your swatches soon <3

    @ Fingers: ohhhh so that's what is troubling you, my request to see glittery Fingers >.>

  12. O.O Such a stunner!!! LOVE this so much!