Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Cut it Out, black and white flowery fun!

I didn't want the year to pass me by without trying these.  I found them super easy to apply, and it's true what they say, you can get 2 manicures out of one packet.  However, I only got one because I opened the first packet just "to see them" and the next day they were useless :/  They fit really nicely! and I would definitely try it again.  This trend quickly caught on in 2011, although I was hessitant at first, I'm glad I took the plunge.

Layering Order:
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Cut it Out
Barielle Manicure Extender


  1. This is such a cute design. I have a package of the leopard stickers but I haven't tried them yet! I'm saving them for a vacation or something.

  2. I like this one but whenever I see it I want to color it in!

  3. @ Madeline: I have that one too! Although I must confess, I bought it beause of the name ^.^

    @ Laura: I know what you mean, I thought about it, and also about adding rhinestones to the centers.

  4. These look so cute on you! I've only tried these once but really liked them. I was lemming the new Tattoo Much design and DH got them for me as a present! :D They are so super cute - butterflies, swallows, hearts, roses, and banners that say "True Love" "Forever"! They are so colorful and cute! Like tiny classic tattoos for your nails! <3

  5. @ I Drink Nail Polish: ooo I hadn't heard of those until now... Looking forward to seeing your post on those ;)