Friday, December 2, 2011

Illamasqua Vice

When I read this on the Illamasqua website: "Infused with the essence of self-expression that transformed 1920s Berlin, this rich and indulgent collection envelops the senses", I imediately thought to myself, alright this is the perfect excuse to try that 20s mani that I have been meaning to try.  The literature on cosmetics of the 20s, and especially nail varnish, is very limited; but to summarize what I read from various sites: women started wearing nail polish in this century.  They painted their nails to show that they had class and wealth.  Moreover, those who had polished nails hinted that they did not do any housework.  They painted only the middle of the nail to avoid chips, or possibly to hide them.  I am not sure if Cutex was the only brand available at the time, but I googled "cutex nail polish 20th century ad" without the quotes, and many different pictures came up, here is what I mean:

Where to order: color chart here

Layering Order:
2 coats OPI Funny Bunny
2 coats Illamasqua Vice
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures

BONUS PICTURES - Illamasqua Vice by itself!


  1. VERY nice and excellently well done!

  2. Very pretty color. AND cool info on 20s nail polish. I had no idea!

  3. That's really interesting! Although I must confess, in the ad, all three colors look the same to me! It's a cool idea for a mani, I never knew they wore it like that.

  4. @ Konad-licious: thank you!

    @ Kaki: the color is very saturated, I love it!

    @ Laura: I know what you mean, they didn't have the variety of colors that we have now, this was 90 years ago :)

  5. Don't you just LOVE Illamasqua's formula???? It is my new addiction!

  6. This is a great mani - I like Vice but not that keen on the rubberized finish

  7. @ Fingers: I do!! always have :)

    @ Kristy: thanks! I think it's vintage and unique!

  8. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore this look! Your version is perfect!

  9. O.O *jaw drops* I love 20's looks but I have never seen this before! I have made attempts at the half moon mani and haven't yet mastered it. This mani though...this is a whole other level of amazingness! I love those ads, omg! This is my new mani to practice. When I practice my half moons I'm going to practice these tips too! You should see my Bloglovin' - I "like" every single one of your posts always! :D

  10. It's so different and vintage, you should rock this more often and try it with some other colors too, maybe dark blue? ;)

  11. @ ABOP: Thank you so much!

    @ I Drink Nail Polish: Thank you, I really hope you try this, let me know!

    @ MissDoll: I was thinking gold and black, but silver and dark blue sounds good too :)