Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nubar Indigo Illusion a beautiful duo-chrome - PLUS - Announcing the Giveaway Winner

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, and I'm thankful for my readers and followers that make this possible.  <<THANKS>>  When I reached 100 followers, in the tradition of the blogging world, I hosted a small giveaway, and 112 people entered, there were 187 entries including the bonus entries.  THE WINNER is Sarah from Ohio, congrats!  I have contacted her and she has replied.  Thank you to everyone who entered and most importantly, thank you for sharing the love.  On to today's swatch, when I saw it on the bottle it looked just grey, but it has amazing color-changing abilities.  The winner will also receive a bottle of this =D

Happy Thanksgiving!

Layering Order:
1 coat Ulta Smoke Screen
2 coats Nubar Indigo Illusion
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures


  1. Gorgeous polish! Congrats to Sarah & Happy Thanksgiving to you - wish we had thanksgiving here

  2. Yay! Thank you so much! I can't wait to get these! :)

  3. @ Crystal V-B: Thanks!

    @ Kristy: Happy Thanksgiving!

    @ Sarah: I'll send ASAP!

  4. Lucky her! This is such a beautiful polish.

  5. loving this. i really need to place a nubar order soon!

  6. Congratulation to the winner and this Nubar is amazing

  7. @ Laura: She's super lucky, she entered hours before closing.

    @ SeeSarahSwatch: thanks!

    @ MissDoll: it is :)

  8. I have this and have yet to wear it! Silly right?

  9. YAY! *throws confetti* And I think my eyes just smacked the computer screen as I scrolled through the photos of Indigo Illusion, lol! It is a beauty! I totally did the O.O face!

  10. Gah! I missed it. Dang. And this is on my wants list. Sigh. I may have to break down and actually buy it.

  11. @ Fingers: please take it out of the untrieds pile, it is silly!

    @ IDNP: yeah this one is a beauty :)

    @ Kaki: awww, but welcome to this blog!