Thursday, November 10, 2011

Comparison Week: Nicole Spotted! vs. Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

1. Nicole by OPI Spotted!
2. Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

(both 1 coat over 2 coats Urban Outfitters Grey 1)

I.C.: It's hard to tell from this pictures, but Sinful Colors has a little bit more of the gold shimmer and some of the glitter particles are irregularly shaped, whereas Nicole has only one size and shape.


  1. they looks like twins in the pic! great comparison

  2. So pretty! I can't believe you only used 1 coat of glitter with these! That is a lot of glitter.

  3. @ Polish AMOR: Thank you! I think China Glaze and OPI also have dupes to these.

    @ Pretty and Polished Lady: Thanks! these are packed, I love both.

  4. I love this one! It's one of my favorite glitters.

  5. They are identical!
    I really liked your comparison ...
    Your nails are beautiful and perfect!
    Great day to you ...= D. ..

  6. @ Laura: mine too!

    @ Rafaa C.: thank you, have a good day too!