Friday, October 28, 2011

Spiderweb & Spider

WARNING: Hey Guys before you read this and scroll down to the pictures, please make sure you have no fear of spiders.  Aracnophobia is very common and I know some people are sensitive, so please stop here if you think you might be scared by picture of a (tiny cartoonish) spider.  I take phobias very seriously, and I know it's halloween, but I really don't want to scare anyone.  So like they say on TV: Viewer Discretion is Advised...

On to the nails.  I really like this one, even though it's creepy enough for halloween, it's girly enough to wear to a daytime halloween party or while doing some halloween shopping.  I can see myself wearing this with anything, white nails go well with everything.  By the way, I think spiderwebs are suposed to be perfectly symetrical, but somebody stepped on this spider ok?

Layering Order:
Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat
2 coats Ulta Angel Baby
1 coat Essence Hello Holo (index, middle and finger)
Wet n Wild Black Creme (spider and spiderweb)
no topcoat in these pictures


  1. Adorable! I like cartoon spiders, hate them in real life.

  2. Thanks! I don't mind them as long as they are not poisonous.

  3. Great work! I'm also not a spider lover but this is cute

  4. LOVE this so much! It's so cool how you did the spider on the thumb - it looks like he's making his way back to his web in the last photo. So cool! :D

  5. @ Sarah Claire: thank you!

    @ Fingers: Thanks!

    @ I Drink Nail Polish: thanks, I hadn't planned it that way, but you're right :)

  6. I loved this nail art!
    They are perfect for Halloween! = D
    I am not afraid of them in real life ...