Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flamingoes - Explaining my Profile Picture

I did this for my trip to Orlando, a few months ago, I love pink and when I was growing up (in Florida) I was always amazed at the beauty of these birds.  I love nail art, and once in a blue moon I do it with lots of patience.  I wish I had more time to do it.

Layering Order:
Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat
2 coats Pa A97
Make Up Store Britta (Body)
OPI Designer Series Desire (Beak)
2 coats Barielle Manicure Extender
Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat


  1. Beautiful - I really loved this when I saw it as your profile pic. That Make Up Store holo is beautiful. You do fantastic nail art, you should do more!

  2. Thank you! I wish I had more time :)

    I would like to thank everyone for all the comments too! I have had a hard time commenting on here, it keeps logging me out! I can't reply on my own blog, I hope they fix this soon. But I am reading your comments! THANKS =D

  3. This is pretty freakin' amazing! How creative to do them w/ holo.

  4. Oh, my God. This is absolutely STUNNING! I am in awe.

  5. Amazing. I love holos and like flamingos and kept staring at your profile pic. Thanks for telling us about it. I need you to do it on my nails ;)

  6. WOW! This design is amazingly beautiful!!