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[This is a test post] Skincare Series - Face - Miscellaneous - Masks - 23 Years Old Cocoon Willow Silky Mask

Active Ingredients:
  • The cocoon is made up of silk, which has antioxidant proteins (example source), if you want to learn more the key words to look up are "Antheraea mylitta" or "sericin" or "ROS inhibition"
Effects on my skin:
  1. Temporary Brightening (glowy, dewy)
  2. Calming, but not too cooling, so it can be used in the Winter
  3. Moisturizing
  4. Temporary anti-wrinkle
  5. Temporarily diminishes pore size

This is a mask so I take it out and apply it over cleansed skin, most times I use toner right before it.  I do not tend to wash my face after the mask, but if I was going to wear makeup afterwards I would.

Brand and Availability:

Thoughts on the brand, not many because I've only tried their masks (3 actually, this one, the rose gold, and the caviar), but I do know that they are kinda famous in Korea, since I've seen them on videos when bloggers visit Seoul and such.  Their website is here, and in the US you can probably get them IRL at a store that sells Korean products or at Riley Rose.  I have not seen them in Korean supermarkets yet.  I get mine from Rose Rose Shop and YesStyle.


I will spare you the details on how it looks, because it's freaking scary.  You can use your imagination or see this awesome review that I found, which even includes the ingredients.

Front (outer paper shell)

I fell in love with this mask from day 1.  I have rosacea and my skin randomly flares up and gets hot.  I got it on a long trip and after walking in an unknown city for a day, and a 6 hour flight, I was like this better be good.  Very skeptical, and thinking that I had bought a COCONUT mask, I applied it.  I thought this doesn't smell like coconut at all, and why does it have no mouth hole?  I tried to relax, but I googled it instead.  To my surprise, I was putting caterpillar tissue on my face!  Great.  I waited 20 minutes because I was too tired and I like to follow directions, just to see.  I will try anything once.  Well, not anything, but you get the idea.

Back (outer paper shell)

This is not for vegetarians or people who really care about the environment.  I mean, masks are pretty wasteful either way.  I think this particular one is biodegradable, but do we really need all this packaging?  Oh and there's the thing about the caterpillar life cycle being interrupted for the sake of beauty.  Kind of tragic, but I am sure these ones were going to suck at butterflying.  Anyway, if you are a vegan or a vegetarian or simply an insect lover (or hater), then this is not the mask for you.  But they make a rose gold one that is simply divine, and maybe I will review it some day.

Front (inner plastic envelope)

Well, once I got over the yuck factor and my first impressions, I began to appreciate the product for what it did.  I took it off after the time elapsed, and I was shocked to see my skin completely reset.  It looked like I had a good 12-hour sleep and had just had a facial.  I have used the SKII masks and I have had expensive facials before, and nothing really compared to this.

Back (inner plastic envelope)

Before I forget, very important, if you are new to Korean skincare, there is one thing to note: most products will come with an expiration date.  For this mask you can find it in the inner packaging at the bottom.

This is what the liquid inside looks like

This 'my-skin-is-glowing' effect was temporary of course.  It carried out probably until the next morning or so.  Still, I was really happy with it.  It was just fascinating to me that such a gross looking goo could actually have these benefits.  After I got home from that trip, I found it at my local beauty supply store that sells Japanese and Korean cosmetics, and the price was reasonable, so I bought a few.  I continued using it every other week, and I was consistently impressed with the results each time.  It has been a year since I first tried it.  Now, I always keep some in case my skin freaks out.  This is the only thing that will immediately calm it down.

This is the sheet right out of the package

I like to use them also as a post-exfoliation treatment or when I have been slacking on my routine or when I'm tired and simply need a boost.  Sounds cliche, but this is a real treat.  It contains so much serum (the liquid portion of masks are referred to as serum) that I can usually save some for the next day or spread it on my neck.  The material of the sheet is super soft, it feels like a soft cloth.  I commented on the effects in bullet points at the beginning of the post but I wanted to reiterate that the magic to me is its ability to reset my skin.  It makes the skin look young and relaxed again.

This is the serum leftover even after taking out the soaked mask

Finally, I want to say that it does not have any strong perfume, which is important for me, and it doesn't irritate my eyes if I accidentally fidget.  This was a gateway product for me.  I used to love European skincare, but after trying this, I definitely started to get more into Asian skincare

Rating: 5 - HG

Rating scale
5 - HG - Holy Grail, the best of the best - I will definitely repurchase it, and cry if it ever gets discontinued.
4 - GB - Good Buy, I cannot believe I found such a great product, where has it been all my life?  A staple for sure - I will most likely repurchase it.
3 - DOK - Decent, Okay, but will it stay?  It could be better or I like it so far, but not sure if in the long run I will like it or it's tricky to work with, but I see myself using it every day if I cannot find anything better - Not sure if I will repurchase it though.
2 - SP - Subpar Product, but possibly ok for the price, it was not harmful to my skin, I can use it or I am trying to use it until it runs out -  I probably would not repurchase it.
1 - NS - Nothing Special - I am unsure if it harmed my skin, but I am highly suspicious of it or the smell is off and I am sensitive to smells so it's a NO for me or I never reach for it or the product does not live out to its claims or my skin simply did not like it or it broke me out or it cause some redness or it made my skin dull or dry which is the opposite of what I bought it for or it was just plain awful - I would not repurchase it or even gift it, so to the trash it goes!

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