Saturday, October 20, 2012

Penelope Luz Happy Day is perfect for a happy day

wow! this jelly is awesome.  Too bad it has some bar glitters curling, not sure if Penelope knows about this.  Regardless, it is a really cute nail polish. I don't know if you remember the other Penelope Luz that I showed you before, but this one is just as great.  Today is a Happy day, which is why I decided to post this :)  hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

Layering Order:
Butter London Nail Foundation
2 coats Penelope Luz Happy Day
Barielle Manicure Extender


  1. What a pretty polish! Very unique.

  2. Really cute looking glitter combination! I love glitter and all!

  3. so pretty ^____^


  4. This definitely is a happy polish! I love it!