Friday, July 20, 2012

Cirque Fascination Street is a beautiful dark purple linear holographic

Cirque is a new brand that offers a couple of holographic nail polishes.  I mean literally a couple, I think they only have two colors.  I wish they offered more because, although they are pricey, you get what you paid for.  Fascination Street is a high quality, linear holographic, right there with the Ozotics if you ask me.  The only thing I noticed is that as it dries, it gets matte, and it will not look appealing without topcoat.  However, once you add the topcoat, it looks so amazing, I'm not even talking about the holographic effect, this looks creamy, not one of those holographics that looks weird in the shade.  I felt like I was wearing Zoya Pinta or similar.  Very interesting.  The color, I want to rave about the color too, a blue-toned, charcoal-y purple.  Took more coats than I'm used to with the Ozotics though.  I still think it's a must have if you are a purple-holo lover and you think Ozotic 513 is too redish and OPI DS Original is too pale.

Layering Order:
Qtica Basecoat
3 coats Cirque Fascination Street
Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Topcoat


  1. super pretty! I have a growing wish list of cirque polishes, everyone I see just seems gorgeous.

  2. This is so stunning! There's a lot of great Cirque polishes that I have my eye on.

  3. Wow, It´s amazing! I've never seen this color tone holographic before!

  4. that is a great holo! want some of these cirques so bad

  5. Nice! this looks like the perfect shade of dusty burple, with holo thrown in to really raise the bar. This Cirque shade seriously rocks.

  6. OMG, so perfectt holo :O
    i need them....wowwwwwww