Monday, April 23, 2012

Did Someone say Glitter Bomb?

I recently joined a Facebook group called Polish-Aholics Anonymous, and the moderator posted the theme manicure for monday.  When she said "Glitter Bomb" I was like "I'm so there!".  A Glitter Bomb is basically layering a bunch of glitters and hope it doesn't explode!  ha ha, this literally took 2 hours to dry, but I wore it for two days, so it was worth it :)

Layering Order:
Qtica Basecoat
2 coats Dare To Wear Hologram Diamond
1 coat Glitter Tamer
1 coat Mlani Jewel FX 582 Teal
1 coat Love My Nals All That
Blue and Green Stars from Pa AA03
1 coat Pa AA09
1 coat Glitter Tamer
Barielle Manicure Extender
OPI Drip Dry


  1. wow, that's a real glitter bomb!! very pretty!!

  2. In person that must have been insane!!! :P

  3. @ all: Thanks!

    (yes, it was crazy IRL, no words to describe)

  4. Now THAT is the definition of glitter bomb!!! WHOA!!! Gorgeous!!

  5. Wow that truly IS a glitter bomb! =) I didn't know where to focus.